May 14, 2021

Why Is HUAWEI Allied with a PCB Assembly Platform?

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As recently revealed by NextPCB – an online one-stop solution provider of PCB prototyping &...

As recently revealed by NextPCB – an online one-stop solution provider of PCB prototyping & small-batch production, electronic components sourcing and PCB assembly – HUAWEI has allied himself with NextPCB’s holding company, HUAQIU.

Meanwhile, HUAWEI HarmonyOS has also officially declared “HUAWEI” and “HUAQIU” as strategic partners.

Undoubtedly, HUAWEI is a world-famous brand. Behind this heavy decision, there must have been a few distinctive strengths in HUAQIU that matter a lot to HUAWEI. And in order to better capture the logic behind HUAWEI’s decision, it’s necessary to have an in-depth understanding of HUAQIU.

Ever since its establishment in 2009, HUAQIU has been committed to changing the traditional service model of the electronics industry chain, for the purpose of improving the efficiency and reducing the cost for the industry as a whole. The company’s belief is that this can be achieved by combining “media community, intelligent manufacturing, internet technology, information technology, and industry data” to re-activate and catalyze the industry’s vitality. After 10 years of continuous unremitting efforts, HUAQIU has become a well-known, one-stop online service provider in China’s electronics industry, enjoying very high brand awareness throughout the market.

Based on the membership information of the aforementioned “Hunan Printed Circuit Association”, we’ve learned that HUAQIU is a one-stop online service platform of Electronic Industry Internet which, it’s also worth pointing out, has the complete service abilities of two business systems, including “Media & Forum” and “Electronic Supply Chain”. Furthermore, the Elecfans – under the business unit of “Media & Forum” – has 4.08 million registered users, of which more than 1.8 million of which are electronic engineers.

By 2020, Elecfans has hosted several online and offline summits, with thousands of attendees. These events include China’s IoT Conference, China’s Hardware Innovation Competition, AI Technology Summit, 5G Technology Innovation Symposium, Industrial Control & Communication Technology Symposium, and more. According to the comments of insiders, the reason why HUAWEI has chosen HUAQIU as their strategic partner is mainly because Elecfans has high brand awareness and wide market influence in China’s electronics industry.

Also worth noting, HUAQIU’s business unit of “Electronic Supply Chain” has the full-service capability of a PCB Assembly. With one PCB prototyping factory covering 5000㎡, one PCB small-batch manufacturing industrial park covering 136700㎡, one PCB Assembly plant covering 5000㎡, one warehouse for electronic components covering 5000㎡, HUAQIU has established the long-term strategic cooperation relationship with over 1000 brands and authorized distributors globally. Until now, there are over 20 million SKUs with global inventories and more than 35,000 SKUs with inventories in China mainland available on HUAQIU’s online distributing mall of electronic components. With the above-mentioned abilities, HUAQIU is able to provide electronic engineers and companies with one-stop online services of high reliability and short lead-time, from PCB prototyping and small-batch production to electronic component sourcing and PCB assembly.

HUAWEI HarmonyOS aims to build up a developer ecosystem that includes both a hardware and software developer forum, and also hardware supply chain services. Most importantly, the target users of both parties are all electronic engineers, and both parties share a highly similar corporate mission. In view of that reason, we can come to a conclusion that the reason why HUAWEI has chosen HUAQIU as a strategic ally is that HUAWEI not only recognizes the great achievement Elecfans has made, but also thinks highly of HUAQIU’s one-stop service abilities in the electronic supply chain.

With HUAWEI and HUAQIU allied as strategic partners to join efforts in co-building the IoT industry ecosystem and improve the IoT industry efficiency, it’s clear the digitalized development process of IoT from phase of quantitative change to phase of qualitative change must be sped up, and this will soon trigger the explosive growth of IoT in the near future.

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