May 15, 2021

Tindie Hearts Valentine’s Day

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Hello, fellow Tindiarians! That time of year has come where everything seems to turn pink...

Hello, fellow Tindiarians!

That time of year has come where everything seems to turn pink or red and become love-themed. So whether you’re a fan of Valentine’s Day and planning next year’s gifts or not one thing I’m sure we can agree on is that we all heart projects and amazing Tindie products!

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or that special someone this PCB Heart, created by NLC Engineering, makes a wonderful and fun DIY Valentine gift. This product is available as a DIY kit, assembled, or as a PCB only. Order the DIY kit for a fun date night project to complete together.

Check out the Tiny Heart Kit, a DIY SMD soldering kit with twenty LEDs. This kit was created by Hammes Hacks and comes in six different color assortments.

The Heart-Shaped LED Chaser (Kit), from Magic Smoke, is a blinky ornament that makes the perfect gift to literally say I love you.

The RGB LED Heart-Shaped Flashing Light Kit might just be music to your ears! This artsy LED kit, created by ICStation, features music, a high-quality buzzer, and animation.

For those looking to sport some fun and unique earrings, we’ve also got you covered.

Check out these Heart earrings, from Bobricius. They feature flashing LEDs and are even solar-powered. If you are sick of the heart theme, they also come in a rectangle shape, both options are offered with your choice of either red or green LEDs.

For some ridiculously cute earrings take a look at these Teddy Bear Heart tech earrings from California STEAM. They also offer the Tebby Bear designed as a pin if you want to skip the jewelry.

If you’re looking for some more awesome projects on theme, here are a few from to check out!

  • The Brass heart project, a brass circuit sculpture with LEDs, created by Miroslav Zuzelka.
  • The Haley’s Heart project, a device that physically reflects a person’s heart rate, created by RoboPandaPDX.
  • The LED Heart project, a decorative LED heart driven by an Arduino clone, created by Marc Liyanage.

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