April 18, 2021

Technology And Innovation

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A transformer is a static device having coils coupled through a magnetic medium connecting two...

A transformer is a static device having coils coupled through a magnetic medium connecting two ports at different voltage levels in an electric system allowing the exchange of electrical energy between the ports in either direction via magnetic field. Current can only flow in a closed circuit. Kirchhoff’s current law is used to ensure the relationship among every branch of circuit at same point. For current is continuous, any a point in circuit can not accumulate charge. Hence, at any time and any node, the sum of the currents which flow same node is equal to the sum of the currents which outflow from same node. This principle is known as Kirchhoff’s current law (KCL). In 1959: the sound of old aircraft engines warming up has been reported coming from a hanger on this site, even though the building in question is empty and has been for many years. Prior to their arrival, according to legend Ireland was inhabited by a giant race known as the Firbolgs or Formorachs an ancient sea-faring people from the West. The Tuatha de’ Danann taught the Firbolgs, architecture, agriculture, mathematics, astronomy and art and eventually made them their allies, after some warfare. The ex-guerrillas in Nairobi displayed immense courage in speaking out publicly, first through the Sunday Correspondent in Britain on April 8 and then in The Times on April 11. It was another indicator of the crack-up of Stalinism internationally: a snippet of South Africanglasnost. Sunlight has important implications on agriculture, especially in the water-deprived American West. Different crops need different amounts of sunlight, so it is important to know which plots of land get the most exposure. As water supply becomes more strained in places like Utah, farmers have a financial and social obligation to limit water consumption, while also keeping their crops hydrated. One tactic being adopted is to water crops in the afternoon or evening, to avoid the hot sun cooking off the water before the soil and plants can properly absorb it. A light sensor could be used to manage a sprinkler system automatically, only watering when the sun is not at its brightest. When coupled with other weather-monitoring equipment to gather data regarding temperature, pressure, and humidity, a system could not only water when the sun is dim, but also intelligently detect oncoming rain or clouds to optimize its watering schedule. When we look into electromagnetic spectrum, infrared region is divided into three regions as Near Infrared, mid Infrared and far Infrared region. Infrared spectrum has a higher frequency range than microwave and lesser frequency than visible light. An infrared sensor is used for emitting and detecting IR radiation. By this principle, IR sensor can be used as Obstacle detector. There are two types of IR sensors as Active and Passive IR sensors.

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