May 14, 2021

Selling my FULL SHEET 150watt CO2 Laser

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Selling my laser from Southern California! Only $10,000! MORE IMAGES AVAILABLE HERE: MORE IMAGES...

Selling my laser from Southern California! Only $10,000!



This laser cutter can accept FULL 4×8 sheets of material, and even larger (See specs).

I have been using it for a few years making acrylic sculptures and the likes. It’s a great shop addition; especially for large runs of jobs, or large format jobs

The power supply will power a 150watt CO2 tube. There is currently a new 130watt tube in it. The tube was purchased in February, 2020, and has around 150-175 hours of use on it. It is rated for 10,000 of use.

Comes with LAPTOP (!), software, water chiller, two exhaust blowers w/ venting tubes, air compressor… Everything you need to get up and cutting on the same day. It uses 120v, so nothing special needed in terms of power.

It can cut all the standard things that CO2 lasers cut: Acrylic, Plexiglass, Plastics, Woods, Textiles, Leather, Paper, Fabric, etc
It can not cut metal by itself, but if you were to add in a bottle of Oxygen for assistance, then you can get the job done.

The only reason I’m letting it go is because I’m moving my business into a smaller location and need a smaller machine.

It is located in downtown Fullerton. Message me if you’d like to come see it in action. Or if you have any questions whatsoever!


CONTROLLER: MPC 6525. USB Operated. Uses LaserCut5.1 software for sending jobs. Softdog dongle included.
LAPTOP: Lenovo with Windows 7 and all neccesary software for laser cutting
POWER: 120v single phase
EXHAUST: Downdraft suction type. Vents are underneath material bed.
MAX MATERIAL SIZE: 1400mm X Infinite (open on long ends)
MAX CUTTING AREA: ~1280mm x ~2520mm (50.4" x 99.21")
CHILLER: 120volts, CW-5000, adjustable temperature
TUBE TYPE: Carbon Dioxide (CO2) gas
TUBE SIZE: Length 65"
TUBE POWER: Up to 150 watts (Currently has a 130watt tube installed)
TABLE: Two-piece removable knife-blade tables.
CHIP HOLDER: Slide-out drawers to catch chips and scraps for easy cleanup
MOTORS: Dual steppers Y, single stepper X

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