May 7, 2021

Romaxx SR Series CNC router announcement, New models, great prices!

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Hello fellow Craftsmen! Completely built right here in the USA, Romaxx has been building 3...

Hello fellow Craftsmen!

Completely built right here in the USA, Romaxx has been building 3 axis CNC routers for nearly 14 years. We have them all over the world and many users with multiple units doing all sorts of operations, cutting, engraving, pick and place, scanning, polishing, Plasma arc cutting etc.

They operate from Mach3 CNC control software, LinuxEMC, and other PC based software. Standard USB UC100 or DB25 parallel port or optional USB communication as well. We are an OEM for Mach3, Moi3D and the Vectric line – Vcarvedesktop, Cut3d, Aspire software that we work in to package deals to make them more affordable. Everyone knows our customer support is second to none, we are always a phone call or an email away to help you get cutting and be successful in your CNC endeavor.

The UC100 is mounted internal to the control enclosure with a convenient mini USB plug on the front panel (we have not updated our pictures yet)

RomaxxCNC 313-937-8194

CNC Routers Desktop router robust industrial quality

After many requests, we at Romaxx are pleased to announce an even larger machine to our lineup.

Over the years, we made a list of everything we and our customers would like in a new machine design and incorporated it all in to the SR series machines. We have sold several and have not had one issue or customer concern. They are a real winner.

Like our past machine models the SR series uses four ballscrews on each machine, we kept that, it works. One for Z axis, one for X axis, and two for Y axis. Each side of the gantry is driven by it’s own dedicated ballscrew and they are clocked together mechanically inside the machine base, this eliminates problematic “motor-slaving” and “racking” of the gantry under cutter load .

Our electronics are industry standard and readily sourced and easily understood, and 570 oz-in step motors. Our machines have plenty of power and rigidity to provide smooth cutting. There is no slop or chattering at the cutter etc.

We offer two models presently

SR-X 24″ X 41.5″

SR-1 37″ X 41.5″

Travels on the SR-1:

X travel 35″

Y travel 35″

Z travel 6″

Clearance under gantry 8.5″

Drive motors 570 oz-in

Rapid travels 160 ipm

Tolerance XYZ +/- .002″

Step resolution .0005″

Construction Steel and 6160 aluminum (anodized).

Rail system is hardened and precision ground THK style linear motion components which are industry standard.

Voltage 120/240 VAC Domestic or European operation

Spindle mounts Machine specifically for Dewalt 611, 618, Bosch 1617, Porter Cable 450, 892, Teknomotor C3140, Any cylindrical diameter on special request.

RomaxxCNC SR-1 CNC machine.



Excellent unmatched low prices for machines of this quality.

**We have one SR-1 37″x 41.5″ machine in stock and ready to ship immediately** Completely assembled, tested and ready to got to work.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us. Stop by and have a look:

Romaxx CNC Systems – CNC Routers Made in USA – Industrial Quality

Thank you for the taking the time to look and have a wonderful day.

RomaxxCNC 313-937-8194

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