May 14, 2021

Newbie Do it yourself or buy factory machine bases made of polymer concrete / epoxy granite?

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Hello to all colleagues! I want to draw your attention right away that this is...

Hello to all colleagues! I want to draw your attention right away that this is not a commercial advertisement, so I will not provide links or other advertising information.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Victor. I am an entrepreneur from Russia, now I have moved to Canada to develop my startup. I have a production facility in Russia with my partners. We manufacture epoxy granite CNC machine bases. We have developed a production technology from the very beginning, have been doing this for more than one month, and this year we have launched mass production of our product in Russia. The product turned out to be very good and is in great demand even in Russia.
Now I live in Canada, I moved here with my family. Our team has very ambitious goals and we want our product to be known all over the world.

Let me say it again: we are a tech startup. We are still developing without investors and support from any state. All development takes place with your earned money.

Thanks to this topic, I want to figure it out. Should we bring our goods to Canada / USA? As you can imagine, only shipping and customs fees will incur costs, excluding production itself. Therefore, we would not like to carry the goods, not knowing whether there will be a demand for it here.

I really hope that the administration of the forum will be friendly. I am ready to contact you and give proof that we are ordinary guys who love what we do, love to work with our hands and love CNC machines. We do not want to conduct commercial advertising. I want to do market research! And if there really is a demand, then I will order commercial advertising. Thank you for understanding.

Dear colleagues, I would be grateful if you would share your opinion on the question: what will you choose, buy a ready-made base to assemble a machine on it or make a base with your own hands?

I will show you some photos and describe the main characteristics:
Axis stroke: 400x600x200 mm
Geometry accuracy: tolerance 0.03 mm
Weight: 310 kg
Standard pitch of mounting holes 60 mm M6 for 25 rail sizes
Standard size of mounting holes for BK17 and BF17 under M8 for ball screws 25 mm
Overall dimensions (WxDxH): 820x1000x750 mm

With endless respect for this community, Victor

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