May 7, 2021

Newbie Coordinate systems confusion

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I know these questions have probably been asked a lot before, but I cannot figure...

I know these questions have probably been asked a lot before, but I cannot figure out what is going on.

I’m using the following:
Grbl 1.1h
CNC 3 board
Grbl Panel
Solidworks 2021

I’ve gotten to the point where I can use the Home Cycle button to zero the machine using 3 endstops and offset all of them 6.35mm. The values say -6.35. When I go to make a simple test part (a 200mm x 200mm square) so I can (re)adjust the X/Y/Z step/mm values, it always wants to cut in the nonexistent positive portion of the workspace.

Is it ‘standard’ to have the workspace be all negative?

I’ve noticed that if I ‘zero’ the machine in the opposite corner of where the (0,0) is that I can sometimes cut a part, but it doesn’t seem right. By ‘zeroing’ the machine I just reset the Arduino the 3 smaller sized numbers are (0,0,0) when I reconnect.

I’ve also tried changing the coordinate system in Solidworks, but it never changes anything…

Using the endstops, should I be able to just start cutting the following the sample gcode?


N1 G20
N2 (1/4 EM CRB 2FL 3/4  LOC)
N3 G91 G28 X0 Y0 Z0
N4 T01 M06
N5 S12000 M03

N6 ( Contour Mill1 )
N7 G90 G54 G00 X-1.3677 Y-.3102
N8 G43 Z.1 H01 M08
N9 G01 Z-.125 F16.2
N10 G41 D21 X-1.3677 Y-.4402 F48.6
N11 G17 G03 X-1.375 Y-.4579 I.0177 J-.0177
N12 G01 Y-1.875 F64.8
N13 X1.375
N14 Y.9378
N15 X.0679 Y1.9264
N16 X-1.375 Y.9343
N17 Y-.4829
N18 G03 X-1.3677 Y-.5006 I.025 J0
N19 G40 G01 Y-.6306
N20 G00 Z.1
N21 X-1.3723 Y-.6282
N22 G01 Z-.125 F16.2
N23 G41 D21 X-1.3723 Y-.4982 F48.6
N24 G03 X-1.365 Y-.4805 I-.0177 J.0177
N25 G01 Y.929 F64.8
N26 X.0676 Y1.9141
N27 X1.374 Y.926
N28 Y-1.865
N29 X-1.365
N30 Y-.4555
N31 G03 X-1.3723 Y-.4378 I-.025 J0
N32 G40 G01 Y-.3078
N33 G00 Z.1
N34 Z1. M09
N35 G91 G28 Z0
N36 G28 X0 Y0
N37 M30

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