April 18, 2021

New Machine Build Yet another router table :)

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Hi, I share with you my design of a CNC router. Quite classical, I tried...


I share with you my design of a CNC router. Quite classical, I tried to optimize the ratio working area vs footprint.

Characterictics and Specs:
– main purpose is woodworking, plastic and a bit of aluminium
– dimension 1700×1250
– working area : 1380x920x225
– I left an opened space on the front to be able to fix vertical pieces and machining the side edge (especially for woodworking)
– SFU2005 ballscrew on all axis (1100mm for X, 2x 1500mm for Y and 350mm for Z)
– HGR20 + HG20CA rails & blocks on all axis (1200mm for X, 1700mm for Y and 400mm for Z)
– 4 NEMA34 closed loop (5NM / 6A / 2.2mH) 1 motor per axis except on the Y axis (2 motors)
– 4 HBS86H motoro drivers
– 4 350W 60 VDC power supply (1 per motor)
– 2.2KW spindle (4 ceramic bearing) with VFD (380V both VFD and spindle)
– Double shielded cable for Spindle power
– All others cables (stepper motor, encoder, proximity sensor) are simple shielded
– UC300ETH motion control + UBB1 breaking board and UCCNC software
– Spindle will be controlled by RS485
– 24VDC and 5VDC power supply for motion controller board and proximuty sensor
– 2 inductive proximity sensors per axis (home + limit) + on additionnal on the Y for homeing and self squaring gantry
– 8020 aluminium extrusion based :
– Gantry : 80×160
– Gantry post : 80×80
– Y : 80×120
– the base is made with 3 80×80 and 4 80×40
– the legs are 80×80

– All aluminium plates are 20mm thick
– All the main construction is built on aluminium
– All “accessory” parts and “cosmetic parts” are 3d printed (PETG). There parts are splits to be printed on a “classical” 3d printer (Prusa Mk3s)

For provision : enough space in the control box to add a 5th power supply + driver for a futur rotary axis

Some design choices:
0. All motors are fixed using motor braket with C5 bearing :
1. On the Y axis, the motors and ball screw and below to gain some space on the side
2. I decided to get bigger rails and profiles on the Y axis compared to the ball screw to get approximatively yjr same size than ball screw + motor bracket + motor. By this way i can get longer base for the gantry support
3. I placed the X motor on the back of the gantry to balance it a bit
4. I screwed 2 plates on the sides of the Z plate to enforce it

I’ve a question : the gantry post are inspired by the AVID CNC (copied :D) I also use the ‘interface piece’ between the posts and the grantry beam, but, to be honest, with understandy the advantage over a simple fasterner

This is quite common, but i will use plywood first hoping having enough rigidity to mill aluminium replacement parts.

I’ve attached some rendering of the actual design

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