April 18, 2021

New Machine Build Need help with designing and building a CNC machine

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Hi there, I have a project which "might" be too huge for 1 person especially...

Hi there,
I have a project which "might" be too huge for 1 person especially with only industry (the machine will be used for) related skills – no CNC experience, no pneumatics knowledge, no engineering education just logical and problem solving one . It’s an industrial CNC and pneumatics machine I am trying to design and build.

I am struggling with the AutoCAD design of floor making pneumatics based machine made by my instructions and dimensions. It will be based on a walls making machine for which I have multiple pics and is manufactured by Homag. It will have several axes and a lot of moving parts. I am so bad in 3D cad environment so I’ve made a very rough timber model of the Floor making machine lol. Please contact me ASAP for more detailed information and when you can start if you think that we can draw (and then build) it.
The way I see the things, i will need help with:
1. Someone to help me with the design as I can’t finish even all the structural non moving parts, not to mention drawing/inserting the motors, linear rails, pneumatic cylinders etc. And I am not talking about the actual ones calculate for the applied force, but even just for visualisation purposes.
2. Structural calculations, integrity and the right steel and extruded aluminium profiles.
3. CNC motors and pneumatic cylinders for the different movements involved.
4. Encoders, sensors, drives.
5. What operational system and software will be the most appropriated for the machine.

Another bad news is that I can’t hire a company to do all the above as I am just a not very well paid worker in our timber frame firm. All the initial expenses will be on me till I manage to convince my boss that this is actually achievable for the fraction of the price they paid for maybe the first generation of the Homag Frame Work Station FRAMETEQ F-500 machine for the walls like 15 years ago.

The only good news is:
A. That I know what the machine should do in every second, how will do it.
B. I have some dimensions of most of the structure.
C. If we are happy working as a team on this project there are at least two more we can team up on – automated feeder and stacker for this monster – Hundegger turbo drive 2
D. There is no such machine anywhere to be able to make such a complicated Floor cassettes / panels, so no mater how tight this niche is there is still lots of money in manufacturing such a device for the UK and USA timber frame houses market.
E. Inventor sounds nice in your CV 😀


P.S. I am in Northern Ireland if it’s matters to you.

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