June 18, 2021

New Machine Build Metal milling machine 600x400x500 with ATC

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Hello, We have been deciding for a long time whether to remodel old used machines...


We have been deciding for a long time whether to remodel old used machines (CNC ones) or to start our own construction. In the end, the building itself won. There were more reasons. Firstly, the fact that all commercial machines are made for larger spaces and, for example, my garage is only 2 m below the ceiling and nothing can fit there. The second problem is the electrical connection. I only have 230V, which allows me to use only a 3kW spindle motor.
So I built the first, then the second … fifth machine until I came to the conclusion that this is the right solution for me.
The machine, including the complete cover, is only 2 m wide, 1.6 m deep and 2 m high.
Originally, the machine was a replacement for the Tormach 1100MX, so I did not have high ambitions. According to the first tests on the prototype, however, it is much stiffer with a minimum of vibration. When I simulated it in all possible ways, I realized that I was one line better than Haas DM / DT, which pleased me.
The construction is a prefabricated metal (naturally aged S355) supplemented with polymer concrete filling to improve vibration damping.
Due to the maximum vibration damping (I live in a terraced house and the neighbors hear everything), the machine is standing on a rubber block. It can be replaced by a classic flange with adjustable legs.
The headstock is designed so that it can be tilted by 90 degrees. and thus comfortably mill from the side. After digging, the workspace is not limited.
Working space is 600x400x500mm. When using an ATC spindle and umbrella tool magazine, Z is limited to 400mm. There is 475mm between the table and the bottom of the basket, so if something wet is done, the tools will be pulled out of the magazine and there is such space available.
The headstock has a base of 150mm drilling for an electric spindle of 7.5 kW / 9-18000 rpm. This is the ideal spindle for working with aluminum. Other spindles can be installed. I have a choice of three types of headstocks. One as you can see, the other for electric spindles with a square cross-section and then for the classic combination of BT40 + 5.5 kW servomotor.
Rapid traverse is 45m / min. on all axes. The headstock is partially balanced by an air cylinder. The linear guide is from TBI size 30mm. Screws also TBI with double nuts OFU3210.
Control is currently on Mach4, but it is full of other options.

What do you think about it? What do you think is wrong, what do you like?
It is an amateur machine that has to compete with SkyFire, SYIL or Tormach. For hobbyists, for such home milling. But it is also possible to shape, turn or grind flat.

Thanks for your feedback.

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