October 27, 2020

New Machine Build DIY Waterjetcutter

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Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and would like to share some of...

Hi everyone,

I am new to this forum and would like to share some of my ideas.

Quick introduction: I am Rein, 23 years old and from the Netherlands. I am studying mechanical engineering for almost 7 years now.
As a school project i want to build an small affordable abrasive waterjetcutter.

My plan is to build an small waterjetcutter and plasma cutter in one machine. i build 3D printers, co2 lasercutters and cnc milling machines before, but this is completely new for me..

Applied science once did an experiment on this with an high-pressure washer and it had some promising results (Link of his video below).
Since i have seen this video my dream was to build my own cnc watercutter some time.

I already bought an 3 phase 7,5Kw motor and a high pressure pump. I did some test with promising results. 350-400bar won’t be a problem. (i will add some pictures)
Wazer also made an smal desktop like cutter which is already cutting steel at 200bar, very very very slowly of course. but that is why i also want to add an plasma cutter. I would like to use te abrasive wattercutting for wood, stone, glas and some thin sheet aluminum.

The electric motor is a bit over powered for now, so there i can try some even higher pressure pumps in the future ( if any of you guys have some ideas of other pumps, let me know).

Features i would like to add to the machine:

-Touchscreen interface with ether Mach3 or linuxcnc. I would like to use an Raspberry pi as PC.
-Flooded table (automated with air)
-THC (torch height controller for the plasma cutter)
-All axis linear square rail.

My idea is to post the compleet build on this forum including builplans and pictures/videos. (If anybody knows an good place to post that kind of stuff, let me know 😉

In a few weeks more parts will come in and i will be able to do some abrasive cut tests soon. I will post any Progress on this thread for now.

I really would like to hear your thoughts and/or ideas about my project.


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