April 18, 2021

New Machine Build Design Input on CNC Router 900mm X 1500mm with 20mm Linear Rail and Ball Screw

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Howdy folks of CNCZone! It’s been a while since I’ve last posted here! Well, it...

Howdy folks of CNCZone!

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted here!
Well, it seems i’ve been bit by the bug again and probably spending too much time on the internet.

I’ve watched a lot of videos of folks building amazing machines and one that has caught my attention was RoboCNC seen in link below:

he details his build and have provided access to drawings for detail analysis.

roughly based off his ideas, this is what i have so far.
CNCR 01 Assembly v4.jpg

Lime Green: 80×160 aluminum extrusion
Yellow: 1″ aluminum plate
Pink: 1/2″ aluminum plate
D.Blue: Linear Rails & Ball Screws
Red: TBD

Approx 900mm (35.43″) X Axis (Gantry)
Approx 1500mm (59.05″) Y Axis
Approx 218mm (8.58″) Z Axis – not including spoil board etc…
… and yes, i’ll probably shoot myself and have tons of double face-palm moments by going metric…

Machine Size & Frame
as you can see, the drawing/design is nowhere near finished. perhaps there are some points where it is overkill, perhaps it is prone to deflection and such. inputs would be greatly appreciated.
i am considering building torsion box top with some frame below out of wood…
1) i can have more “efficient” storage below the cnc.
2) i can eventually enclose the build

concerns being will it be rigid enough out of wood?
i have no way of building out of metal at the moment.

Ball Screws
2010 Ball Screws on the X & Y
Still researching on Z axis… seems 2005 on Z should suffice

Linear Rails
either Hiwin or BLH 20mm Ball Screws
probably opt for flanged mount on the Y axis, narrow mount on the X & Z axis

i like the idea of MASSO G3 touch… i’m kinda leaning towards that at the moment.
currently using Mach3… damn biggest complaint is that the damned screen is fugly and i’m constantly worried about windows running pc near my #1 dust producing machine in the shop.
but again, i blame myself… i wish MASSO had a neater and cooler GUI like Datron… (lol… see what i mean about too much time on the web?) perhaps they will enable custom screen designs?

Motor Drivers is still pending… see below in Motors section.

this is something i’ve been looking into recently and while i was quite interested in the whole servo thing… i am not quite sold on the “need” for servo on a machine this size.
i should be able to build a rigid and accurate machine with Nema34 steppers, and if i am tempted to explore into something new, perhaps trying out a hybrid closed loop stepper may be of interest.

i am open to suggestions… i’m not looking for crazy speed and i hardly run anything at 200ipm with my current machine.

in the meantime, i have contacted ClearPath for some information and they have been great to deal with so far.

Please, correct me if i’m wrong, but achieving accuracy, precision & repeatability (if those are the correct terms) first and foremost is a better “foundation” or structure of the machine?
there is some ease and convenience (at a hefty cost) of using extrusions but to limited weekend warrior DIY’ers, it’s a cost i have to pay imo… hence the main frame of the machine will be based off the metric extrusions.

so in terms of motor, yes, i was awed by the rapid, silent movements of high torque from servos… but i’m not getting any younger and my ninja skills are dull. i don’t think i’ll be comfortable seeing something that’ll zoom by before i can even think to react… and my machine is <900mm X travel, <1500mm Y Travel… how fast do i need it to blink?

silent… wow… when i heard my 1/4″ compression bit go through 3/4″ plywood… first thought… i should have not spent money on silent watercooled spindle… damn cutting noise is loud enough to cover all.

so, current setup is an oldie, CNCRP 2448 and since my incomplete build log, i’ve added a HY 2.2kW watercooled spindle and VFD and it’s running fine for the cost.
plan is to tune up my current machine as best as i could… and use it to make the custom risers and plates.

i can use some help and ideas on motor recommendations for this.
review and comments on component choices or just recommendation on components.

looking to work with aluminum, wood, and plastics.
i’ll be happy with 250ipm to 300ipm travel…

i’d be happier with detail accuracy than time.

sorry for long read.

Any/All comments, criticisms, & suggestions welcomed!
just be kind… i’m a novice at best and suffer from clicking the mouse to quickly when it comes to shopping…

thanks in advance!

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