May 14, 2021

New 2013 Syil X4 Mill

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For Sale How is a 2013 mill new??? This machine has never made a single...

For Sale

How is a 2013 mill new??? This machine has never made a single chip

I bought this mill in 2014 from a guy who had never run it. It was obvious. It had been unpacked and sitting in his living room. I bought it and kept it in the garage until I was ready to try using it. About 2018-ish. Upon starting it up for the first time, it ran for about 10 minutes and the spindle control burned out. The last two years was spent trying to fix it, having the spindle control board rebuilt by a fellow in Maine, and having no luck. Syil had no spare parts for it. They even admitted that the spindle control I had was a piece of junk……….

Finally I broke down and bought a new spindle control motor and drive from DMM (dyn4 control and servo spindle motor with feedback, can tap) $800 worth of parts for a mill I have never run!

Now the DMM parts are installed but I cannot get the DMM parts to talk to the Syil parts. The DMM stuff works. You can run it with their test program. All the axes of the machine can be run with Mach3. So the PC and Mach is talking to the Syil, If you are a tech savy guy this is the machine for you! If I have to get it running to sell it, I’m marking it up another $500. So this is a great discount on a machine with all new surfaces.

Is 4th axis capable. New Spindle motor and control (mentioned above)

Local pickup. Williamsport MD. Will even throw in the PC and help you load.

$3000 firm

Was $6000 new and I’ve put another $800 into spindle drive and motor.



New and old motors


Dyn4 Controller installed


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