April 18, 2021

Need Help! Wiring controller/bob to stepper drivers

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Hello all, I have a DIY router mill I’m constructing and I’m using the UC300ETH-C76...

Hello all,

I have a DIY router mill I’m constructing and I’m using the UC300ETH-C76 with C77 board using UCCNC as my software platform. I have the UC300ETH installed using 24v power and I believe it is configured correctly. I have the SCHP jumper to "off" and I have a steady green status light with the software running. The C77 board plugs into the C76 board and it seems to have power. I used a utility program from CNC4PC router parts that identifies the ports and pins and inserts them into the UCCNC software. I’m using CL57Y drivers from stepper-online and I can’t seem to figure out how to wire it to the C77 board.

I’ve attached a pic of driver and board. I tried to insert them into the message but that’s another thing I haven’t figured out.

I can’t seem to get this hooked up in a way that works. I’ve contacted Arturo at CNC4PC for help but still not able to figure it out. The cables to the motors were from stepper-online and wired as per their instructions. I believe I have the motor cables paired correctly (checked to see if there was holding torque by touching the wires. I have a green light on the drivers showing power. I’ve interpreted Arturo’s instructions as the step and direction terminal should be wired to the drivers PU+ and DR+ terminals respectively and the PU- and DR- to the associated COM terminal for each axis. I also moved a jumper for COM=Ground per Arturo’s instructions and to leave the ENable terminals disconnected for now.
I’m not sure this is right. I’ve watched a couple videos on setting this particular driver up and they had 24v going to PU+ and DR+ and the PU- and DR- going to the terminals labeled for step and direction. I really wish I was more astute with the electronics side of this build and I apologize for the newbie question. Appreciate any help and offer my thanks!

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