April 17, 2021

Need Help! What do you expect from Chinese components?

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My title is misleading, my experience (lack of) or the Chinese components made for an...

My title is misleading, my experience (lack of) or the Chinese components made for an interesting ride into the world of CNC.


I have no experience in CNC
2020 lockdown, I decided to make a cnc router, though I nearly went the route of buying a shapeoko or something of a similar ilk.
Bought all my components from Ali, everything was price driven.
Didn’t really follow any plans.


Making loudspeaker.


Build as big of a cutting area as possible.

Parts used

Hgr20-500 2
Hgr20-1400 2
Hgr20-1500 4
Hgr20CA 16
SFU1605-500mm + nut with end machining 1
SFu1610-1400mm + nut with end machining 1
SFU1610-1500mm + nut with end machining 2
DSG16H 4
XB25*30-8*10 4
BK/BF12 4
2.2KW Water Cooled Spindle 1
2.2KW Inverter 1
ER20 Collet 1
Nema23 425oz 4
TB660 Stepper motor driver 4
36V 350W Power Supply 2
Mach 3 interface board / USB Connection 1
Cable Chain 25*38-1000mm 4
Proximity Switch 4
Emergency Stop 1


To be fair, my expectations where low, would you really expect anything to be smooth sailing with this configuration? Well the answer is yes, though with a pinch of salt. The biggest issue and weakest link (which won’t be of any surprise) has been the Stepper Drivers – TB6600 (which aren’t using the TB6600 chipset!). My god do these get hot, and in-turn, they shut down which is perfect when your slave Y axis die whilst the other side continue to rip the Gantry apart.

Here a video of my second test run –


I’ll admit, that after all the turning, fettling, tramming etc, I have finally got to a stage where she will cut for 8hrs straight (120mm fans sitting on the TB6600 help), but before I upgrade the drivers to either Geko or leadshine AM882, why cant I get the old girl to run at 400 steps?

Scenario –

Motor is 23HS45-4204S, driver TB6600 set to 2.8A using a 10Amp 36v PSU. Ball screw 1610, 5pitch 10 lead.

When set to 800 pulse/rev, she will happily move at 2500mm/min. However, when trying to run at 400p/m at 1000, the drivers crap out? This to me is weird you would expect at 800p/m (0.45deg) more current is required compared with 400? Could this be more to do with my Mach3 setting instead of the general consensus that the $3 TB6600 is at fault?

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