May 14, 2021

Need Help! Mach3/PWM/C11G Issues & Stepper Motor Jolts

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I’m hopeful and thankful in advance for any help provided. I have a few issues...

I’m hopeful and thankful in advance for any help provided. I have a few issues after setting up a new C11G in my system.

My Current Setup
– Custom 4 axis CNC machine with stepper motors
– Mach 3
– Huanyang VFD and 2.2KW Water-cooled spindle (220V)
– C11G Controller through parallel port and UC100 USB to Parallel Port converter

Issue #1
I followed this PDF guide (…s/WS_90_V2.pdf) to set up the Huanyang VFD with the C11G and am able to successfully turn the spindle on/off through Mach3, so relay is working correctly I believe. However, I seem unable to change the speed of the spindle from Mach3. From the default screenset in Mach3 (Program Run tab) I go to the lower right hand corner to the "Spindle Speed" section and click the up/down arrows and see the SRO% increase, but no change on the actual spindle speed. I loaded the default C11G XML profile from this guide (…or_Mach3_1.pdf). I have also changed PD002 on the VFD to "1" to test, and when that happens, I am unable to even start the VFD from Mach3. I hear the relay click, but the spindle stays OFF. Toggling PD002 back to "0" allows me again to turn the spindle on/off but no speed change from Mach3. I believe this last issue is related to the below thoughts.

As a way to troubleshoot, I decided to measure the voltage across the 0-10V terminal and the immediately adjacent GNDA terminal with a multimeter to see if maybe I wasn’t getting good voltage from the C11G. And I think the issue is THERE. When the spindle is toggled ON via Mach3, the relay clicks and I see ~0.61VDC – 0.63VDC coming from the terminals, and when the spindle is OFF, the voltage is 0. Turning the little white screw/pot above the terminals to fine-tune the voltage ONLY changes the voltage about +/- 0.2VDC. Adjusting the spindle speed from Mach3 doesn’t change the voltage at all. In short, I seem unable to get even close to 1V across those terminals, not to mention 10V. So it’s no wonder that I can’t even turn on my spindle, since the voltage provided by the board is so tiny.

I am wondering if something in Mach3 is not set up correctly? I am happy to provide screenshots or details of any/all Mach3 settings. I have verified that I am correctly supplying 12VDC to the 12V terminal and the GNDA terminal, FWIW. That 12V power supply does not share it’s negative wire with anything but the VFD that goes to the GNDA port, and the 12V power supply is rated at 1.3A.

Issue #2
After hooking up the C11G, a strange new issue has started with my X & Y axis jogging. In short, when I press the RIGHT/LEFT or UP/DOWN arrows on my keyboard, the stepper motors JOLT and almost "jump" a few steps. If I hold the keys down, the steppers jolt/jump and then smooth out as they traverse the distance. They jump again when I release the arrow keys. Video of the issue is here:

Before the C11G I had a basic parallel port breakout board (similar to this: and never had issues with the jogging of the X&Y axis. FWIW, I don’t have any jolts in the jogging of the Z axis neither with the basic BoB, nor with the C11G. I am certain it is just a matter of configuring something in either Mach3 or changing something on the stepper motor driver switches (little white switches in my attached pictures), but I don’t know where to start to troubleshoot this.

Unrelated (or maybe related in some strange way) to the above, is that on initial configuration, the X&Y jogging was reversed when pressing the arrows keys. I went into Mach3 and changed the Dir LowActive to ON/CHECKED and that swapped the direction of jogging. I hope that is correct.

Thank you again for all help.

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