February 27, 2021

Need Help! I'm Going Closed Loopy (Nema 34 Hybrid + HB860H encoder issue)

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Hey guys, first post for me here. Longtime lurker on the forum and most of...

Hey guys, first post for me here. Longtime lurker on the forum and most of my questions are usually answered with a quick use of the search bar but I’m finally stuck and I need help.

Problem: 12Nm Closed Loop Stepper and HB860H driver won’t function with Encoder mode enabled, but will function normally with encoder disabled.

With encoder disabled (Switch 6 ON) the motor runs as commanded proving that the issue is not motor phase wiring related.

With the encoder mode enabled (DIP Switch 6 set to OFF) and given a jog command, motor whines faintly but doesn’t move, then bumps a couple steps and then the driver goes into Alarm mode.
With the encoder enabled but the encoder wires disconnected from the driver the motor does the exact same thing, same noise, bumps a couple steps and alarms.

I’ve spent several hours pouring over the wiring and checking continuity and correct pin-outs on the encoder cabling, it’s all correct. The encoder is getting 5V from the driver like it should. I even tried going from "differential" to "single end" step and direction wiring configuration to the driver to see if it liked that better for some reason…nope.
I tried reversing encoder phases, reversing motor phases, changing microstep settings… nothing has worked.

– Mach4
– ESS and MB2 board
– 5mm Ballscrew, 1600 Steps/Rev, 8128 pulses/inch in Mach4
– Commanding a very conservative 100in/min with 5in/sec^2 acccel.

Here’s the exact motor and driver https://www.aliexpress.com/item/3283…42734c4dK1tOKp

Thanks for any help in advance!

This is for the Z axis on my EG Mill I built.


~ Owen

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