May 15, 2021

Need Help! I broke my VK05 Centurion VI. Need some help please.

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My mill is VK05 Series F date stamp 727. The machine was running beautifully until...

My mill is VK05 Series F date stamp 727.

The machine was running beautifully until I moved to new workshop and it’s been broken for over a year despite me failed repair attempts. I am now reaching out for help from you experts. :drowning:
Here is the background story:
My memory is a little bit muddle as to whether it ever actually worked in the new workshop but after the move, the crt was screwed up so I decided to swap it out for a lcd. I cut the hole in the panel a little bit bigger for the lcd and set the the lcd which worked first time. However after reassembly, a keyboard error was thrown on boot. Checking this out showed that I unwittingly knicked the ribbon cable on the kybenc card. I repaired this and thoroughly tested the cable (and all the other cables and pcb) for shorts and continuity and all tested fine. However the keyboard still not working. I can only assume I blew something on the board when I fire it up with the damage cable.
I tried plugging a pc keyboard into the aux keyboard connector on the kybenc card but it doesn’t see it. I plugged the pc keyboard into the motherboard (plugging out the panel keyboard cable) and now we can boot.

So now I get an error 450. Alt-f10 does nothing. I can move the wheels and the dro updates on screen. Pressing esc removes the error but I still don’t hear the thump of the motors kicking in. The screen changes to to the xy display with the list of fkey on the bottom.
If I press any fkey, the program just seems to freeze. i.e. when I move the wheels, the dros do not update and the graphic xy does not update; the f menu list does not change either. Pressing any key at all makes them update again but the menus never change so I cannot go into F10 Utils for example. The reset buttondoes nothing, atl-f10+reset does nothing and the estop does nothing.

At the back of the machine, cr29 watchdog relay is active and so is cr1a.

So, assuming the kybenc is ber, any ideas on what I can do?

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