March 7, 2021

Need Help! Getting False Limit Switch Triggers.

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Hello, I am in the final process of finishing my first DIY CNC machine. I...

I am in the final process of finishing my first DIY CNC machine. I can jog all my axis but I constantly get interrupted by false triggers from my limit switches.
I have currently re-wired everything with the exceptions of my power supplies with shielded wire and I am still getting false triggers. Although my E-stop appears to not be triggering anymore.

From what I read this is not a way to solve the problem but a workaround. I got some 0.1uF capacitors to try and stop the noise and I could not get a signal into Mach 3 with them in the circuit. Diagnostics page had all the switches lit up. I used…OUHD0RRM&psc=1 and tried putting them into all the limit switch inputs (Input 10, 11,12,13) on the BOB. They have been removed.

Tried debouncing in mach3 with no luck. Almost seemed to have no effect at all even at 3000.

The whole wiring process is completely new to me and I think I must have ground some shielded cables to the wrong place or maybe the power supplies are too close to the BOB?

My next course of action I am thinking is getting ferrite beads for power supple cables. Or trying a whole new BOB system.

Sorry this is another post on an already common issue but I have tried doing the research in forums and trying to find any DIY build video with this breakout board and I still can not figure this out.
This has been very new to me, a project way harder then expected. Any help would be very appreciated!

I will attach images of my electrical plans I made and attach pictures of my wiring and cnc machine.

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