April 18, 2021

Need Help! Fanuc OM-B / Cortini BF400 can't move axes after repair

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Hi! During October i purchased a 1990-ish Cortini BF400 VMC with Fanuc OM-B controller. Only...


During October i purchased a 1990-ish Cortini BF400 VMC with Fanuc OM-B controller.

Only 750 hours and in functional condition. after installation and some time for learning the system i found out that the Z axis ball screw was damaged, and the cables going to the spindle was worn.

So i began a needed service / overhaul.
I had to take the column off the machine to access the Z screw, i changed the following:

* Cables going to the Z head containing of: AC power on spindle, encoder on spindle, spindle fan, home and limit switches for z head, inductive sensor for tool in spindle check.
* all cables for tool changer (simple type of arm that swings in under spindle with a rotating plate with 6 slots),
* all pneumatic hoses
* all lubrication lines
* Z axis screw and nut
* Belts or XYZ servos

And after assembly and start up off the machine i have the following issues:

* None of the XYZ axis will move.
* Spindle only runs CW with very low speed (5-10rpms?) M3 or M4 makes no difference, S value makes no difference.

This is what works:

* No alarms
* Msg that i need to do reference search (hard to do when you can’t move)
* All servos is holding position when manually trying to move them, if i hit E-stop i can move them and the position on the controller change accordingly
* Lube pump works
* If i don’t have tool changer in correct position (manually by affecting pneumatic valves) i get an alarm to restore tool changer
* manual tool change button opens the drawbar when in jog mode
* when hitting M6 T2 with a tool in spindle and T2 is the current number on the ATC disc, the light goes green for T2 on the control panel
* all limit switches for XYZ makes the controller go to "NOT READY" mode
* when turning spindle by hand i can see the rpm counter on the spindle driver display current rpm

I’ve double checked the wiring and I’ve fairly certain it’s correct but sure it could be wrong some where.

The diagnostics parameter 0700 show all zeros indicating that:
* No m, s, t function is being executed.
* No move command is being executed
* No Dwell is being executed
* No in-position check is being executed
* Override is not at 0%
* No Interlock signal (STLK) is turned one
* No speed arrival signal of spindle is turned on

The diagnostics parameter 0701 show all zeros indicating that:
* No reset button on the MDI panle, emergency stop is active

The diagnostics parameter 0712 show all zeros indicating that:
* Indicates automatic operation stop or feed hold states are not active

If i would guess it would be that i’m missing some enable signal. the slow spindle speed is a bit weird i don’t know how it was before the overhaul but i’m fairly certain that i could run the spindle at any rpm before doing reference search. could it be that it’s looking for index signal? but i know that before the overhaul the spindle did not move until commanded, so i could do reference search without the spindle indexing.

Any help in troubleshooting is very appreciated! I really don’t know what to do next!

Br Victor

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