April 18, 2021

Mechanical Engineering & Design

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The National Research Council (NRC) offers Canadian businesses access to unique research infrastructure as well...

The National Research Council (NRC) offers Canadian businesses access to unique research infrastructure as well as the experts to optimize its use. Automation projects mainly reduce the involvement of humans. So the list of automation project ideas for electrical engineering students is listed below. Agriculture for everyone – Farmers have in-depth knowledge when it comes to their trade. However, interested individuals who may be called backyard farmers may also benefit from how modern technology has changed how agriculture is seen. Growing your own sustainable garden of herbs, fruit trees, and other agricultural produce can be possible in a smaller scale. Planting is beneficial in more ways than one, and having your own produce even helps assure the freshness and quality of the food your family eats. The Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park (PABP) is located in Pingtung County, which is the first national-level agriculture biotechnology park in Taiwan. Since its operation in 2006, 104 companies have stationed and developed in the PABP and make it a critical industry hub. Currently, as the occupation level of the park is nearly saturated, the Council of Agriculture has therefore organized the “PABP expansion project” on the land with an area of 165.4 hectares on the northeast side of phase 1 of the park (i.e. phase 2 construction). CTCI Resources Engineering Inc. (CTCI REI), with the exceptional execution experiences for phase 1 of the park, won the ardent supports from judges and obtained the opportunity for the second round. Currently, phase 2 of the park is under construction. And the construction is estimated to complete in the first half of 2020. CTCI REI exhibited outstanding engineering and design competencies for the project so that no flooding occurred in the park since the launch of phase 1 of the PABP. Furthermore, with the comprehensive public facilities, which are fully integrated and designed to coexist with the environment, the tourism plants in the park became increasingly popular, and has been an emerging tourist attraction in Pingtung in recent years. The PABP uses its biotechnical production capabilities to drive the local economy, and in turn become a green landmark for Taiwan. The first thing to do is take all the original materials and melt them down under extreme heat conditions for a minimum of 12 hours. Once this is completed, the mixture is then poured into a cast where it takes on a semisolid form before the creation of hot rolling into bars occurs. Next, a meticulous series of hot and cold treatments start. This initiates the age-hardening process of the metal. This requires a close watch and attention to detail of the temperatures for this is what creates the toughness and accuracy of the metal’s traits and steel grade. For instance, a specific temperature ensures the metal becomes more pliable than frail and vice versa.

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