February 27, 2021

HURCO VM10i with Winmax crazy lead outs problem (in compensation)

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Hello, we have this problem with this machine for long time now, I’ve tried getting...

we have this problem with this machine for long time now, I’ve tried getting help from official supplier multiple times, no luck, they just don’t have expertise to understand what the problem with machine is and how to fix it.

We also have HAAS and Fanuc machines here and we use same solidcam programs for all of them, but with different postprocessors of course, but the G-code looks similar or the same, but machine behaviour on Hurco is really different.
I cant find in machine parameters or settings an option which would lead to solution to this.

When the tool exits contour (with compensation active) it creates crazy move (arc move) returning to part and damaging it. So mill follows contour fine until lead out and decompensation point, then mill goes in arc move and returns to part damaging it, although there is lead out in solidcam to tangent line, no matter how long it is, it still won’t follow it, it will crash into part. So I have to manually draw prolongation of that final contour line to lead mill well outside of milling contour so that final decompensation move wouldn’t damage parts.

In g-code there is nothing which would "tell" machine to create such a crazy move, but still it does that.

Here is the example of what it should look like. The tool T2 is 12mm flat end mill (in solidcam I made it to be 12.2mm to add for offset compensation for operators if needed, so tool radius entered in tool table could be max 6.1mm).

here is the example of this G code which makes same thing as all other programs do on this machine, returns to part in arc move after lead out (when it needs to decompensate):


N35 T2 M06
N40 S1500 M3
N45 G54
N55 M8
N60 G0 X41.898 Y2.719
N65 G43 H2 Z5.
N70 G0 Z5.
N75 G0 Z2.
N80 G1 Z-2. F1000
N85 G1 G41 D2 X36.614 Y-0.332 F300
N90  X41. Y-7.929
N95  Y-11.584
N100 G3 X41. Y-38.416 I45. J-25.
N105 G1 Y-42.236
N110  X34.797 Y-48.439
N115 G1 G40 D2 X39.111 Y-52.754
N120 G0 Z5.
N125 M9
N130 M25
N135 G53 Z0
N140 G53 X300 Y400
N145 M2

As you can see in my drawing (hopefully), those final two points for exiting the part contour and decompensation are shown on picture 1. Lead out in solidcam is tangent line, length 8mm (also shown on picture) and decompensation distance is 6.101mm (also shown on picture) so there is just enough distance so the machine would decompensate normally.

Here below is shown what the mill path should look like and how it looks on every other machine except Hurco, where it looks like on second picture.

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