May 15, 2021

Glitches going from offline PC to machine

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Recently started having little glitches and at the same time I noticed an issue with...

Recently started having little glitches and at the same time I noticed an issue with the image on my PC. First off, I program mostly from my desk and transfer with a thumb drive, usually never an issue. I’ll start with the image issue, the letter "Z" is messed up, screen shot provided, this seemed to happen at the same time I started seeing issues with the graphing and actual tool path, my 2nd issue. I generally turn cutter comp on in a Z move, serves it’s purpose for me, issue is, graph showing it doing the Z move straight and doing the comp move in the next traveled axis, this isn’t what’s actually happening at the machine, it’s doing what I asked it to do, graph is not factual of the machines movements. Then today, It made a move at the mill, broke cutter and now have a part to weld up, this move wasn’t evident in my desk top PC graphing and it wasn’t in the program but it is visible in the CNC’s graphics, still not in the program, checked G code and didn’t see a reason for it. These little gremlins have become more than irritating, the crash today suggest it’s deteriorating and needs addressed before it becomes too late. I’ll post screenshots of the graphics showing the area where it crashed, the lines in conversational and in G-code that it happened in, N0114 is the number where the mistake happens, I’ve posted a pic showing the Y axis at +.4092, that’s where I e-stopped it, and the programmed num. is +.485, cutter is .3125 dia. so at most, Y should read .+.3287, .485 minus 1/2 tool dia., not past that. Maybe someone will see something I don’t. Any help welcomed!!

Les Holt

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