March 2, 2021

Christmas Stocking Stuffers on Tindie!

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Well, the festive season is pretty much upon us and to celebrate we want to...

Well, the festive season is pretty much upon us and to celebrate we want to raise the Christmas cheer by showing a range of products anyone would be happy to find under the tree (or perhaps in the tree) come Christmas morning!

First up, although not strictly a Christmas item, we couldn’t resist this picture of a Pwnagotchi resplendent in it’s Santa hat! The Pwnagotchi is a serious pen-testing tool wrapped up in a super cute AI interface. The Pwnagotchi’s wellbeing is maintained by feeding it WiFi networks and whilst we think this would make an excellent stocking filler we urge you to consider a Pwnagotchi is for life, not just for Xmas!

Moving into more familiar fair there are lots of small Christmas themed electronics kits that can either be assembled and used as decorations or could be a great gift for the electronics people in your household. First up is the Christmas -3- PCB by Brian Lough. This lovely looking kit creates a multicoloured animated flashing tree using a pre-flashed ATtiny13a and a stack of 0603 LED’s. The LED are mounted on the reverse of the PCB and create a great battery powered diffused lighting effect. As an extra bonus Brian is donating $1 from every sale to help Team Trees plant 20 million trees.

Sticking with flashing festive kits, Ryanteck have produced this cheerful snowman kit. Using 12 RGB LED’s the SnowPi is suitable to pair up with any microcontroller using 6 IO pins, but for a nice simple Christmas project it has a screw mount to slot it onto a BBC Microbit. A perfect companion gift for someone exploring microcontrollers!

If you prefer you Christmas blinkables a little more wearable how about these fabulous cubist Christmas tree earrings? Fully assembled these cute conifers sparkle and blink their LED’s for 3 minutes on the press of a small button.

Of course if you want earrings as a Christmas gift, they don’t have to be Christmas themed and we have plenty of geek chic jewellery available. A popular Tindie choice is the range of solar harvesting jewellery such as these gorgeous pendant earrings from Bobricius.

Whilst we are talking about non-Christmas themed items, there are lots of great kits and tools that can make nice gifts for the geek in your life! A simple but useful tool we spotted is this Logic Probe Pen Kit which we think would be an excellent stocking filler, although we definitely wish you a bug free Christmas!

We could list more and more ideas from our amazing community of makers but a good way to seek out those perfect gifts is to search Tindie for everything tagged Stocking-Stuffer or Christmas. We hope you find the perfect gift for under your tree and would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas from all of us at Tindie.

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