April 17, 2021

AXYZ Millennium Router Acorn Controller Retrofit Build

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Hello everyone, about 3 years ago I bought a small router table (AXYZ Millennium) from...

Hello everyone, about 3 years ago I bought a small router table (AXYZ Millennium)
from an industrial auction. You can follow a thread I started for
more infos and details on this other thread here at CNC Zone:

FYI, I created the same thread at Centroid forum as well:

TLDR: go to questions below: ***

General specs of the machine:
– 220V, 1 phase, 15A
– About 41" x 41" x 6" work area, safer size is more likely 39" x 39"
– Slotted aluminium table
– Italian ELTE model TMPE3 12/2 air cooled spindle: 2.2 kW (about 3hp)
AC 3phase spindle motor, 18 000 rpm max., ER25 collet
– Air input needed for dust boot cylinder retraction/release
– All axis are based on rack & pinion (screw type on Z), linear bearing
– Controller is called AMC, newer model from AXYZ recent machines is called A2MC

Since then, I worked a bit with the machine, it’s working good but it’s a
small pain to send program, adjust Z height and follow/config the machine while
live or not because mostly of the older AMC controller and communication way of
doing it, RS-485 serial connection.

Recently, I just got a hold on another machine that seems to be the same one I have
but according to the auction it isn’t working. I didn’t have the machine yet in hand,
I am supposed to receive it soon. However, since I already have this machine here,
I am supposing the stepper motors and electronics should be the same, more-or-less.

I never retrofit any machine before and was unsure which controller to select. Some
people were promoting the hardware ESS SmoothStepper,UC300ETH and Acorn. On the software
side Mach3/4, LinuxCNC, UCCNC and the Acorn CNC12 software. I’ve done some research and decided
to go with Centroid because of this forum and support availability plus the way the company
didn’t started in DIY but much more in the industrial market and goes towards DIY afterwards.
A nice plus is the way they are based in USA and not in some far away places, even if I am not
an American (I am canadian), I prefer and try buying product from North America.

So, since it’s not working and have no communication converter box with it according to auction
I finally decided to order an Acorn system and do the conversion soon. The idea is to see
how it is and use it as a small laser engraver system (will add low power laser diode system, right
now it might be the hardware from OptLasers) since I already have another machine for non-ferrous material.

If I succeed and like the system I might order another Acorn to convert my actual machine to it
or use another controller if not satisfied. Furthermore, I recently got a knee mill machine too
and the Centroid CNC retrofit kit are interesting me alot as well but out of my budget at this
moment, maybe cheaper system with Acorn and servo/drivers system from DMM Technology Corp. could
be alot cheaper but not sure if strong enough (right now they offer a max 1.8kW servo)

Some questions I have at the moment:
– The stepper drivers of the machine seems different from what standards one offered on the
market, if possible I wish being able to use the one with the machine instead of buying new
ones. It seems the drivers are based/made by AXYZ and can’t find so much documents/datasheet
of them (AXI 2200). Someone here looks like he found a way to make it work but there’s not so
much details of it: https://www.cnczone.com/forums/stepp…ntrollers.html

If I cannot find drivers, do you recommmend specific drivers that are better than some
other ones ? To me, it looks like there’s alot of chinese crap stuff in those electronic components
and some people rebrand fake-bad stuff to higher price to look better as well… Good thing I got ahold
on the wiring manual which specified alot. You can see it here:

– Can I used any automatic tool height Z sensor ? Yes I know Centroid offer a sensor but it’s really expensive,
especially for me since I have to pay in $USD and $CAD/$USD is not the best right now. I saw quite few
cheaper alternatives online ranging from 75 to 200$USD. If you have any recommendations let me know.

– Having a touchscreen with the Acorn, is it worth it ? I am trying to find an All-in-One touchscreen PC
or just the touchscreen and add a PC I was able to buy cheap used.

Best Regards from Eastern Canada,

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