March 9, 2021

Adorable IOT Display Device!

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There are lots of ways to display data from the cloud, but this adorable Macintosh-esque...

There are lots of ways to display data from the cloud, but this adorable Macintosh-esque display device from Kameleon definitely wins in the looks department! The retro-style case with a bright and clear, easy-to-read display make it an excellent choice for displaying many types of data from the cloud.

The kit comes with the 3D-printed case, as well as a Kameleon Core board (an STM32F411 development board), an ESP8266 module (the ESP-01), a 1.44″ colour TFT display (ST7735), a tiny breadboard, and rainbow jumper wires to connect it all together.

The Kameleon board runs using JerryScript, meaning it is a very beginner-friendly way to program a microcontroller. The Kameleon even has its own web IDE, along with a simple way to upload code using their Kameleon Agent program. Basically, they have created an entire development ecosystem for their board, which is amazing! The documentation is easy to read, with many examples and a full description of the API they have written.

The rest of the kit is also easy to use in combination with the Kameleon board. The ST7735 display has a bunch of example code, as well as an API you can use with JerryScript. The Kameleon API also has graphics routines and there’s also a library for the ESP8266. All the libraries for this kit can be found here. I’m seriously impressed with the documentation and examples, getting up to speed is very easy!

There are a few example projects provided to help you get started. I particularly like the look of the Particulate Monitor with its smiling face. Unfortunately, that particular project is only supported by a Korean API, and the documentation is also in Korean. But the code could be a jumping-off point for you to start from; just find an API relevant to your region that provides similar data.

If you need to display data from the cloud, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better (or more adorable) display! If you just want to play around with the Kameleon Core, it’s also available separately.

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