May 14, 2021

A History Of Siberia And The Russian Far East Review

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How would Chinese like to see the world once their products flow onto middle class Western markets? They would like to see no protectionism from Europe, Russia, Japan, or North America. They would like to see rule of law and capitalist adherence from everybody in the world. They’d be fine with North America and Europe reduced to South American-esque resource providers and vacation destinations. We can see that if China takes on Japanese level importance in high technology exports, they’ll be able to then finally consolidate nationally and relax the amount of force needed to keep social stability. Unfortunately, things did not become happier for Siberia, as elaborated by Chapter 9, “Siberia under Stalin: Growth, GULag and the Great Patriotic War”. Siberia benefited from a Soviet economic liberalization in the 1920s with the New Economic Policy which benefited its agricultural economy, assisted by favorable local political leaders and international trade links in the Far East. Stalin’s decision to tour this region led to his decision that the rich peasants that resulted from this, the Kulaks, were sabotaging the Soviet socialist economy, and led to a brutal campaign of liquidation against them that exploited class divisions in the Russian countryside to brutally isolate and forment class war against them, enabling a campaign of collectivization of land. The Soviets did do more to attempt to help the Siberian native peoples, some of it amusing (such as translating Communist literature into languages which had no vocabulary for much of the content expressed), but well intentioned with some efforts to preserve their autonomous traditions or to elevate their social conditions. Industrialization was also vital under Stalin, which catapulted Siberia into a major industrial region of the USSR, growing much faster than other areas with massive development of heavy industry and infrastructure. It was also marked by what was in many ways the companion of this, with the GULAG, the vast network of brutal prison camps which exploited prisoners, be they political, criminal, or quite commonly, innocent, for labor. Although not intended for genocide, they had brutal conditions which led to vast amounts of death, with millions at a time suffering in it. When the Second World War arrived, Siberia played a vital role in providing fighting formations, geographic space, resources, supplied, and huge quantities of war material that would be vital to Soviet victory. There is a big chance to get the most paid and renowned employment opportunity in the area of biotechnology in India as well as abroad.

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