May 7, 2021

95 LNC 8 threading help

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So I have been learning this machine (95 LNC8 with 5020L) and have had some...

So I have been learning this machine (95 LNC8 with 5020L) and have had some great success. Now I am trying to get any threading cycle to work and I am having some trouble. I am brand new to cnc lathe and this is my first Okuma. So I have a few things to overcome I know. I am doing .685X40 internal threads. I have the program set up to do 2 passes and a spring pass. Here is my problem. If I run a G32 cycle as generated from Fusion, the machine alarms out with a 450B data word X,Z alarm. In my research I see Okuma wants the X positions on the G32 line. So I added the redundant X positions to the G32 line of code and it runs. I set my work Z offset 1 " away from the part and watch it run. Looks like it rapids down the hole in Z and moves back in a feedrate speed like creating reverse threads. I have no doubt I am doing something wrong here. I then tried to generate a G71 threading cycle to do the same job and the machine alarms out as soon as it gets to the G71 line. Sadly I did not write that alarm message downas this beatdown took its toll today. Here are a few pics of the Code I am working with. Please help me find the holes and let me know what I am doing wrong here. I do know this machine is very picky on the code it will run due to its age and "Okumaness". I am still learning what that is. This is my first attempt to thread anything on it.

First pic is as generated G32 (wont run)
Second pic is G32 with redundant X on G32 line (runs but not correctly)
Third pic is G71 as generated.

I would really like to make the G71 work. I am just unsure if the machine can run it at all or if there is something I need to change thats out of place for this machine.

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